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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Popeye x Filson Team Up For Limited Edition Collection


After collaborating with Ford, Filson is back with another partnership, this time, featuring Popeye the Sailor Man graphics on select apparel and merchandise. The capsule is comprised of short-sleeve T-shirts, pullover hoodies, wool caps, pin sets and pint glass sets.

The heavy-duty cotton hoodie is adorned with a portrait of Popeye and his smoke pipe alongside C.C. Filson Co. text on the front and back portions. The wool cap also features an embroidered patch of the scrappy sailor on the crown. The cap is made of weather-resistant wool and is equipped with a three-inch pre-curved brim and adjustable leather backstops with bespoke brass buckles.

When it comes to the novelty items, the label purveys pin sets to decorate your cap, jacket or bag. Glass sets are also purveyed in a series of four different options featuring diverse visuals of Popeye the Sailor Man.

Check out the limited edition collection above and purchase all items on Filson’s website.

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