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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Homer Simpson x Doughnut Plant Team Up for Simpson’s Perfect Doughnut


KITH Treats has also teamed up with New York sweets purveyor Doughnut Plant to create Homer Simpson’s perfect doughnut. 

The straight of the show cake doughnut is coated with a fresh raspberry glaze on top and finished with a Madagascar vanilla bean glaze and rainbow sprinkles. Blended with KITH Treat’s vanilla ice cream, the doughnuts help make amazing ice cream swirl or a milkshake at all domestic Kith Treats flagships—Brooklyn, SoHo, Miami and Los Angeles until January 25. 

Classic yeast versions of the doughnut coming in special packaging will be available at Doughnut Plant’s LES, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Queens locations until January 24.

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