Thursday, October 29, 2020

Drake Says Jay Z Killed Him On His Own Song


Jay-Z was right about Drake’s career. ⁣You’re going to get criticized in whatever you do. ⁣Drake has dealt with this his entire career. ⁣

Jay-Z predicted it on this record that he’s referring to. ⁣Yet, here we are. ⁣Still in Drake season while he’s cemented himself as one of the greatest artists ever. ⁣The anticipation of criticism can be debilitating. ⁣

It can prevent you from putting out content. ⁣It can prevent you from pursuing your dreams. ⁣It can prevent you from being happy. ⁣You’re going to take L’s. ⁣That’s part of it. ⁣You’re going to have off days. But you have to keep going every single day, regardless of what anyone says. ⁣Or stay in the same spot you’re in with your uncomfortable life. ⁣

Was Jay-Z right about Drake’s career?


  1. Keep Grinding Champ! Stay focused on your success! Fuck the media and the world filled with filthy gossip! They belittled Jesus! So you kniw they dont really give two fks about us my guy! Se gotta keep grinding and letting our lights shine! So the generations of us to come will know how to lead... Keep on pushing like Pimp C said.. #RilPimpC Shout out to all the Kings around the globe doing their thing and putting on for our Father! Be blessed in everything you do today Champ! #BOSSTALKFACTSONLY "EVERYTHING RESL IN MY RAPS ONLY" #SALUTETOJAY FOR THE LYRICS I QOUTED IN THIS TEXT ✊�� #LLKINGNIP