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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Inside Soho Roc House

Few places in the world scream glamor like the Greek island of Mykonos. With its bougainvillea-draped, whitewashed houses set against the endless deep blue of the Aegean Sea, it is no surprise that it draws more of the international glitterati than anywhere else in Greece. How appropriate, then, that Soho House, the private members’ club of choice for the “it” crowd, has selected this envy-inducing location for its newest club and hotel.

Founded in London in 1995, Soho House started out as a members’ club for people in the film, media, and creative industries. Since then, the group has gradually expanded around the globe and now includes 27 houses, along with a multitude of restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms. While every house is individually designed to reflect the city and neighborhood it inhabits, the Soho House properties all share certain common characteristics: from the on-point contemporary design, complete with plush fabrics and bespoke artworks, to the trademark swimming pools and the host of achingly trendy 20- and 30-somethings they attract as members.

Soho Roc House is Soho House’s most recent venture, and its first opening in Greece. Set in its own sheltered cove on the southern tip of Mykonos, above Paradise and Paraga beaches, the bright white building creates a stark contrast against the backdrop of the crystal-blue water striking the rocks down below. It is housed in the former San Giorgio, which has been meticulously redesigned by the Soho House team, just a few minutes from the Scorpios beach club that Soho House acquired last year.

David Fernández García, Head of Membership and Communications at Soho Roc House, says the objective was to create a home away from home for members, offering all the usual Soho House touches, while maintaining the original features and laid-back ambiance of Scorpios.

“When you arrive here, it feels like you’re visiting one of your best friends at their summer house. It’s comfortable and relaxed but the party is never far away,” he says.

“Soho Roc House is hidden away, but also feels close to the action on the island. You can connect with other members in a laid-back manner, away from the other Mykonos beach clubs,” Fernández adds.

The design of Soho Roc House, which takes inspiration from Scorpios and the carefree pace of life in Mykonos, features polished plaster floors, warm-tone wall finishes, and timber fittings and shelving. Furniture is built in or made of natural materials, with linen fabrics, natural jute rugs, bespoke ceramic lamps and woven wall tapestries. 

An open-plan restaurant serves organic Mediterranean food in a bright, breezy space, featuring a light sand-colored floor, timber shelving, dry-stone walls and lounge furniture to relax on. Like most Soho Houses, the crowning glory of Soho Roc House is the Pool Bar, with its organically designed landscape, complete with stone paving, lush greenery, a seamless plaster floor that extends right through the pool, dreamy sun loungers, and a bar serving cocktails and smoothies throughout the day. There is also an outdoor gym and a massage hut for treatments. 

While Fernández admits he can’t pick a single part of the club as his “favorite”, he does have some tips for what not to miss: “The pergola area in the restaurant is the ideal spot for enjoying the sunset, or the full moon reflected in the sea at night. The wooden platform that extends out into the sea is also popular—it sits between the rocks, allowing you to launch yourself directly into the Aegean Sea,” he says.

The easy stroll from Soho Roc House to Scorpios takes less than ten minutes, along the wooden boardwalk, past the local tavernas—or classic Greek restaurants—on Paraga beach. Perfectly positioned for sunset, Scorpios attracts a young, bohemian crowd and offers a creative blend of everything from live music and DJ sets, to mind and body rituals, and performances. Its open-air restaurant serves wholesome sharing plates at communal tables, adding to the easy-going feel.

Like all Soho House properties, access to Soho Roc House is reserved for Soho House members and their guests. However, non-members are able to book stays in the bedrooms via the Soho House website, enabling them to access all the local facilities during their stay.

Soho Roc House opened in Mykonos in July 2020.

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