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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Inside Eminem's $100 Million Dollar Mansion

Eminem is a household name, made famous by Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers who's one of the world's most famous AND richest rappers of all time! This is the inside of his $100 million dollar mansion!

Arguably no rapper in existence can match the notoriety of Marshall Mathers

With over 20 years in the entertainment business, and hundreds of millions of records sold, Eminem is an undeniable industry powerhouse - and his bank balance agrees. 

Despite edging toward a net worth of a quarter of a billion dollars, Marshall Mathers doesn't splurge like your average A-lister - he hasn’t pampered himself with private islands or forked out for exclusive Manhattan penthouses. Slim prefers to keep it simple and stay true to his hometown, Detroit, where he lives a little more under the radar.

How did the rapper make all his money? How does he spend it? And what’s life like inside the Eminem household? Let’s find out.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I would move as close to Eminem as i could