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Friday, June 5, 2020

The Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Why invest in a set of packing cubes? Because they help you organize the cavernous interiors of your suitcase, making travel just a little less stressful. Say you're splitting a trip between two different hotels: you could put half your clothes in one cube, and half in the other, so you wouldn't need to completely unpack at both locations. Don't want your socks and underwear to explode out of your bag when TSA makes you open it? Tuck them into their own cubes to keep them all together.

If you're packing for a long trip, packing cubes also provide an extra layer of compression, letting you pack more clothes without having to sit on top of your suitcase to get it shut.

There are plenty of good packing cubes out there, but Eagle Creek's original Pack-It cubes are some of the best. In addition to being made from high quality and durable materials, Eagle Creek backs up its products with a "No Matter What" guarantee, meaning they'll repair or replace any that fail during their lifetime, no matter what the cause.

Right now on Amazon, you can grab a set of three (in three different sizes) for $19, the best price they've listed since 2016.

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