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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dave Chappelle Is No Fan Of Staten Island

One thing is clear from watching Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special: He’s no fan of Staten Island.

In addition to calling the borough an “awful place, Chappelle said: " F– everybody on Staten Island except the Wu-Tang Clan" in the special, dubbed “8:46” that can be viewed on YouTube.

In addition to bashing Staten Island, Chappelle addresses rallies and issues surrounding the death of George Floyd, killings of African Americans and police brutality in the 27-minute show. He commended the youth for the demonstrations, and expressed his outrage over Floyd’s death.

Chappelle said he has a lot of friends who live or have lived on Staten Island.

Eric Garner in New York. The first guy that told the police, ‘I can’t breathe,'” said Chappelle.

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“Eric Garner was selling loose cigarettes in Staten Island when my kid was born, my first son. My wife lived on Staten Island. It’s an awful place. She knows it. Everyone who’s ever been there knows it. Yuck to Staten Island. ...I have a lot of fans there and friends there but it’s a very terrible place. F– everybody on Staten Island except the Wu-Tang Clan," he added.

Eric Garner, 43, was arrested for selling loose cigarettes in Tompkinsville. His final words, “I can’t breathe,” have become a mantra of the Black Lives Matter movement. Garner uttered those words repeatedly while placed in a chokehold by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo.

A Staten Island grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo on criminal charges in 2014, prompting the Department of Justice to launch a civil rights investigation into the incident. After five years, two presidential administrations and four attorneys general, Attorney General William Barr decided not to pursue federal charges against Pantaleo on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his death.

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