Sunday, May 3, 2020

Real List Magazine Presents "NoxBond"

NoxBond is one of a kind. Even the name is unique and has layers of meaning. A long time ago, NoxBond started as Noxious. Noxious is defined as physically harmful to all living beings. 

It got shortened to "Nox" over time , and when Nox went to Chicago to shoot a music video with D Gaines, who Complex magazine named "The Godfather of Drill" , he met Vincent Norment, D Gaines agent, who recommended "NoxBond" based on his persona being a combination of "deadly" and "sophisticated like James Bond". 

What separates Nox from other artists is his ferocity and seriousness. The name became a self fulfilling prophecy as NoxBond got caught in Chicago with a pistol and bulletproof vest on King Blvd., and was accused of being an out of town hitman. It didn't help that he had showed up in a cocaine white 1970s convertible Mercedes with blood red interior, while wearing a mink coat, in one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. After staying in Cook County jail for 14 months, Nox was able to beat all of his charges by firing his public defendant and then running the case like a campaign, directing the new PD on what to say and what to do. The judge called Nox a menace to society. 

Nox was found not guilty on 3 charges of a class x felony (class x ; highest class felony in Chicago, IL . 6 - 30 years), and had 3 charges dismissed. He beat a total of 6 class X Felonies in Chicago. When he got out , he took up instruction in the art of Jeet Kune Doe, directly under a student of Bruce Lee's lineage, and became a high ranking 3rd generation student of Bruce Lee, and started taking his music seriously. 

NoxBond is an 8th grade drop out from a poor family. He wore duct tape around his glasses when they couldn't afford to get them fixed or get a new pair. He grew up adjacent to abject poverty, and never had anything that his peers were showing off. He was 4'10" until he was 14 so he was never someone who was intimidating, but he always had a fierceness that made him someone you didn't want to try. Music came naturally. Writing was just a release. Fast forward two decades. NoxBond is a self sufficient record label. He has learned how to do everything in house. And everything he has learned how to do is industry quality. NoxBond is a rapper, a singer, a producer, an engineer, an executive producer, a graphic artist, a video director, and the head of Real Life Music, LLC. 

His resume includes a song co-written with Jamie Foxx and his artist Miraj Tha RnB Beast, a feature with the legendary gatekeeper of hip-hop, XXL Freshman Alumni Mickey Factz, a feature with E-40s artist the Yang God himself Chip pass Dessert Eagle, and a project with FullCircleMusicGroupOfFlorida/Trill Ent./SavageLife Ent./ Artist Trill Will. NoxBond has been on over 60 nationally syndicated mixtapes. He has been featured on, HipHopWeekly Magazine, RESPECT Magazine (Editors pick), Dirty Glove Bastard, BlackMozart, HipHopSince1987, and countless other blogs and websites. His music has been played on several radio stations, and he has performed over 100 times all over the country from LA to Raleigh, NC. NoxBond is synonymous with Drake's mastering engineer. When you google NoxBond , Google recommends "Chris Athens" as a similar artist. This is because Chris Athens , who is the Mastering Engineer for Drake, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and a lot of the labels, has Mastered the vast majority of NoxBond's music. 

NoxBond has also had music mastered by the world renowned SING Mastering. The following DJ Coalitions have co-signed and promoted NoxBond and Real Life Music : Nerve DJs, Core DJs, Cool Running DJs, Team Bigga Rankin, Shadyville DJs, DJ Whoo Kidd, The Promo Vatican, Coast2Coast DJs, and more. Catch NoxBond at The BET Awards and private industry events.

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