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Thursday, March 26, 2020

What If You Had The Chance To Meet Motley Crue

What boy band is bigger than Motley Crue? In my eyes, there is none. Of course we all know Mötley Crüe has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

Motley Crue are the definitive 1980s hair metal band — even though their late career antics have sometimes overshadowed their impressive musical accomplishments.

The Wrap-Up Magazine want to hear from all Motley Crue fans. What if you had the chance to meet the boy band in person? What would you do? How would you act? What questions would you ask?

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Leave your comments and thoughts below! We want to hear your story.


apoowashere said...
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apoowashere said...

I would thank them for the soundtrack to my youth and make sure they all know how much this girl LOVES the Crue. Send me some backstage passes and tickets!

Mooney0504 said...

Thank them for rockin me through my youth, even though I was,always to broke,to go see them. Let them know much I,still love,them. And hoping they're healthy and happy. I can't wait to see,them in Denver, during stadium tour.....with my daughter and that its her,first concert ever.As for,questions well I guess,id have,to come up,with one they never,heard.��

Unknown said...

If I had the chance to meet Mötley Crüe I would really just try to be calm and talk to them. Make small conversation honestly. I’ve met bands before because of warped tours and stuff and fan girled out. But Mötley Crüe is someone I’ve always listened to since I was little and they’re more special to me ❤️

Kaschubliakhan said...

It’s the f$&@‘n Crüe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have all kinds of questions!

Shelby Beck said...

If I had the chance to meet Mötley Crüe I would honestly try to keep calm but deep down inside I know I would cry. I know it’s not something I should do. But I have an emotional connection to Nikki Sixx. My father was an Alcoholic. His AAA counselor had recommended that he read the Heroin Diaries. After reading the book my dad hit rock bottom. At that point he said I need to quit. If Nikki can do it so can I. Thanks to Nikki I have my father who is now 6 years sober. There music has helped me through rough times in my life and I’m internally grateful for them. It would be an honest miracle to meet not only the guy but the band who brought not only me but my father out of the dark and shown us the light.