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Friday, October 18, 2019

Top 15 Richest Rappers of 2019

From Cardi B to Nicki Minaj to Meek Mill, these 15 rappers have made the richest rappers of 2019 list. Endorsement deals, streaming, and touring have left their net worth looking like a phone number!

Naturally, Jay-Z tops this year's ranking of hip-hop's richest stars. Who will be the next billionaire from the rap world?

Update: 15 Richest Rappers in the World Right Now (Updated: 2019)

It might seem like rappers don’t have a lot of money, especially knowing some of their backgrounds, but rappers make more money then you thought. Between album sales, tours, merch, and endorsement deal, rappers are easily swimming in cash.

See the video below and let us know what yo think!

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