Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Truth About Jennifer Lopez And Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey became the Queen of Shade when she was asked about Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000s and famously replied, quote, "I don't know her." It became an instant meme sensation, but there's a lot more juice to this alleged beef. Here's what really went down between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey.

Lopez was once accused of lifting ideas from Mariah Carey's Glitter soundtrack in 2001. 

Carey reportedly cleared a sample of Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker" for her lead single, "Loverboy," and tapped rapper Ja Rule for a duet on her track, "If We." But before she could release the songs, Lopez dropped "I'm Real", which sampled "Firecracker", and her "I'm Real" remix, which featured Ja Rule. According to XXL, the publisher for "Firecracker" said Carey cleared the sample first, while Lopez reached out to use the track a month later.

In a 2009 radio interview, Carey maintained her own ignorance and blamed her and Jennifer's record company, claiming, 

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Gansta Marcus said...

This was a pretty cool article

Unknown said...

Good singer and actress team Jennifer Lopez

Anonymous said...

Kind of attacking when the video ended, "Do you really know anyone?"

Ohh, what will we expect for a Nicki fan video.

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