Thursday, October 3, 2019

#NewVideo by RazzaMoore "Niggas Ain’t My Niggas" #NowPlaying @Only1Razzamoore

Mr Coloringbook a.k.a RazzaMoore is back with a new visual video titled "Niggas Ain’t My Niggas". Based on true life events. “Everyone can relate to this track and have gone through this in their life at some point. Be careful who your friends”are and watch the company you keep.

In his own words: "This is a story about me and a childhood friend I grew up with who was always in competition with me. When I was down and out he never had my back like I had his proving to me time and time again. He’s not really my friend just always wanted to better than me in life and when he met his girl he became worse."

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Razza is out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

"Proving to me time and time again he is not a real friend. This  video is basically letting people know be careful who you think your friends are because they only in your life to discover your flaws and try to put you down"

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