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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Taylor Swift or Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has ended their feud for now, but not what we are here to talk about. Were here to do a comparison with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The Wrap-Up Magazine have been doing something new called Celebrity Match Ups comparing different artist and stars to each other.

We would like reader to engage with this article by posting a comment in the comment section on whether or not they would play Taylor Swift or Katy Perry first. Which of the two would you say you like the most?

Is there anything these female musicians have done that touched your life?Anything they have done to make you want to better yourself? Comment and share this post. Lets get family and friend taking more about these two.

 Katy Perry is a singer-songwriter who dominated late pop music in the first decades of the new Millennium after breaking through with her 2008 international smash I Kissed A Girl.

 Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She is known for narrative songs about her personal life, which have received widespread media coverage.

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Trevor Drake said...

Okay, personally, I prefer Katy Perry over Taylor Swift but I say this with no single drop of hatred towards Taylor. I love them both, they're both phenomenal artists whose songs I relate to but I prefer Katy Perry more because unlike Taylor whose music is so primarily focused on her personal experiences, Katy's music is rooted from her personal experiences in a way that allows its listeners to relate to it as well. In other words, when I listen to Taylor Swift it's as if she's right beside me telling her story, which is nice, but when I listen to Katy Perry, it's like she's beside me telling her story while I tell her mine. You get it? Anyways, It's probably due to the fact that I'm not a girl to be able to relate to most of Taylor's songs I guess. Bottom line is, I don't hate Taylor, I listen to her music, but it's just that Katy's music is what I relate to the most. How about you? Who do you prefer more? :)

Ggh said...

For me it's Katy Perry, her music is better and it's really empowerment like: Roar,Firework,Part of me..... I think TS is good too but not like KP

DJ Sippitakeover said...

I loved Roar to, it set a tone

DJ Sippitakeover said...

yes, they are both great artist. thats why they are were they are