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Saturday, August 17, 2019

#Stream "Calling Me Daddy" Using #AmazonMusic For All #Musicloverz

Streaming off the "Slick Rick" album, "Calling Me Daddy" was the single released for women and men who make money moves.

The single was released back in July of 2015 and was never heard of until now. The song is a instant hit. From the first second of the song, it catches your ear off the top.

With Jessi Winkler dubbed as the computer voice, and Gansta Marcus letting off a smooth rhyming flow. The track is a nice joint to be played on the radio.

The "Slick Rick" album was released by Ohio artist and producer Gansta Marcus. "Calling Me Daddy" was never released due to the fact that GM kept getting locked up which led the track to never get promoted.

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