Sunday, July 21, 2019

If R. Kelly Cant Read, How Do He Write Music?

R. Kelly is a bad man if your telling me he can write hits like Trapped in the Closet without knowing how to read. On top of that, R. Kelly just asked for a computer while being locked up in federal prison.

Now that's something I would say that could hurt his legal issues. Although legal filings contend Kelly has a serious learning disability affecting his ability to read.

R. Kelly childhood story is, basketball got him through grammar school; and although he couldn’t read or write, he had a high school music teacher who taught him to learn music and sing before he dropped out.

How do you proofread what you wrote if you cannot read is my thing. R. Kelly lawyers say that there client needs to make money and he has been precluded from doing so because of his legal situation, but I thought that was the reason for being locked up.

Every-time I went to jail, I seemed to be disconnected from the outside world.

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