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Monday, May 27, 2019

Freeway Ricky Talks Moving 100 Kilos & 500K Crack Rocks a Day

Freeway Ricky speaks on earning $100K within his first six months of selling drugs by the age of 20, noting that he never planned on making more than $5K. Nonetheless, he admits that he soon got addicted to the lifestyle that the money came with, and soon traveled to Miami after it became too difficult to get product in Los Angeles. 

From there, he recalls going to South Florida with $600K and spending almost all of it on 20 kilos of cocaine, which he soon flipped into a multi-million dollar empire. Additionally, he remembers that at the time his Miami connects encouraged him to go outside the country to buy the drugs at a cheaper price, though he ultimately didn't see the need to make that move considering how much money he was making already.

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