Saturday, April 20, 2019

Whats Your Favorite Paris Hilton Song?

Paris Hilton does not seem to care about putting out any new music or videos. The old Paris Hilton we use to know does not seem to be there any more.

Paris Hilton is estimated to have a current net worth of about $300 million. Does this mean she is comfortable with where she is? That's a'lot of money to just up and say I need to work for more.

The daughter of the heir to the Hilton Hotel family fortune, Paris Hilton is best known for The Simple Life - her reality series with best friend Nicole Richie - and her notorious sex tape. Paris has appeared in a number of films, including The Hottie And The Nottie, for which she won a Golden Raspberry.

Although, Paris Hilton announced via Twitter in January of 2019 that she has a new album in the works.

So what is your favorite track from Paris Hilton? Although we haven't had any new releases, this is a topic most don't touch about Paris. The Wrap-Up Magazine chose Nothing In This World as there favorite track from Paris. Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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