Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Should The United States Trust The Taliban Again?

Given the circumstance, how do we reach a deal with the opposition we took out of power. Or is this the result of a war that should have never taken place?

U.S. envoy: United States, Taliban reach draft agreement in peace talks

The United States and the Taliban have reached a draft agreement on counter-terrorism assurances and troop withdrawal in a step toward ending the 17-year-long war. But how when the Taliban was once labeled terrors of war themselves.

Taliban would promise not to allow al-Qaida or any terror group to use Afghanistan as a base of operations in exchange for a U.S. troop withdrawal.

Khalilzad said the Taliban and "other Afghans, including the government," will begin intra-Afghan negotiations on a political settlement and comprehensive ceasefire after the draft agreements concerning withdrawal time-line and effective counter-terrorism measures are finalized.

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