Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Jeremih Or Jacquees

Although fans has made it known that Jacquees is not the "King of R&B" it does not stop us from comparing him to other R&B artist.

I'm sure we all can agree R. Kelly is out of Jacquees league, but what about comparing him to Jeremih? This seems to be a artist that's more on his level.

Although Jacquees net worth is a estimated $6 Million and Jeremih is only $2 Million, they seem to be on the same level when entertaining there fans.

 Jeremih's commercial debut single, "Birthday Sex", peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart which helped him gain the attention he needed to gain stardom. Jacquees 2016 single, "B.E.D.", was on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks, peaking at number 69.

So out of both hit makers, which would be your favorite R&B singer out of the two? Both are talented without a thought. Were not saying that one artist is better than the other, we just want to know which would be your favorite of the two!

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