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Saturday, January 19, 2019

#NewMusic Clear Soul Forces - "Hit Me Now" @clearsoulforces @IStillLoveHER

Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces prove once again why they’re one of the best rap groups doing it today with their latest album leak, “Hit Me Now,” which boasts blistering verses and hypnotic, shuffling production.

In group member Noveliss’ own words, “This track is like a capsule full of all the random things that describe CSF.” Featuring slick references to everything from Marvel superheroes to classic Nintendo games to good weed, “Hit Me Now” is the perfect reintroduction to what you can expect not just from the group’s discography but also their upcoming new album, Still.

Give this heater a spin through your preferred streaming platform and head over to the retail outlet of your choice to pre-order Still, which becomes available on Friday, Feb 22 through all major DSPs, as well as CD, and a limited edition clear-or-gray marble vinyl configuration via Fat Beats Records!

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