Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Burnt Donuts Truck Causes Polices Officers To Cry

At least we have found something that make police officers cry! Even after killing and arresting people, nothing brings officers to their knees like a donuts truck catching fire.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky are offering their own tongue-in-cheek response to the age-old stereotype involving police officers and donuts.  They took to social media to mourn a burnt Krispy Kreme doughnut truck. All donuts were lost in the flames, the cops said.

It wasn’t a small fire. Video of the scene shows smoke billowing to the sky. A closer look showed the truck legit up in flames.

The driver reportedly had discovered the smoking rising from the back and managed to escape. I mean, sure, he was okay, and no humans were reported to be injured, which is fine, I guess, but look! All those donuts! Gone! Obviously, it had a deep, life-changing impact on the responding officers. Police in other parts of the country joined Lexington cops in mourning this irrevocable loss.

In more inspirational news, cops in Florida were rewarded with donuts last October after they tracked down a Krispy Kreme van that had been reported stolen.

In October 2017, A man in Michigan said he’d turn himself into cops on outstanding warrants, bring in donuts as a gift, and collect litter if his Facebook post got 1000 shares. It got 4,000 after 10 days, and he made good on the promise.

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