Thursday, December 20, 2018

Engage With Your Teen During The Holiday Season

I got a competition for you! Engage with your kids in a new way this coming Christmas to kick off a New Year like never before.

Parents tend to become distant from the teenagers because of their lifestyles. Axioms about working with teenagers is: “Adolescence is like gravity, It is much easier to work with it than against it.”

Are you struggling to connect with your teenage son? It may seem as if teen boys don't want to communicate, but they do. Parents can get creative about when and how they engage their son.

They may push you away, but deep down your kids still need to know you love them. When raising teens, "being actively engaged in their daily lives trumps not wanting to know what they do because it hurts."

They may sleep in your house and eat at your table, but teens live on social media. As their parent, you need to find the balance between being your child's friend and being there parent. If your teen starts to become disengaged at school, don't panic. It's OK, this is part of the circle of life.

1. Play cool games like cards or UNO to help engage into their lives. Keep it consistent and try to make it a weekly event.

2. Get involved in wanting to do live cool videos with your teen or just taking photos with them. Pictures can tell a million words.

These techniques will help to grow your presence in your teenager life.

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