Sunday, November 11, 2018

Rod Stewart Talks Never Cooking In His Life

Rod Stewart
Stewart tells Rolling Stone in a new interview that there's no hyperbole at play when he claims on his new album, Blood Red Roses, that he can't even boil an egg.

"In the '70s, it was a different era," he said. "We used to have girlfriends we'd shack up with. And then you'd sort of get fed up with them and they'd leave, or you'd kick 'em out. Horrible, but then you realize, 'Who's gonna cook me dinner? Who's gonna cook me breakfast?' And you find yourself walking down to the local café."

That could explain why the singer has been married three times. He says he's yet to learn his way around the kitchen, though he did try it once.

"I'm still absolutely hopeless," Stewart continued. "I cannot cook to save me life. The last time I tried to make a boiled egg, I had about 20 pans and things out of the cupboard. What a mess. Nothing to be proud of."

Rod Stewart's lone culinary achievements include "a bit of toast and a cup of tea in the afternoon," he admitted.


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  2. He's not from my era but I love his music, his voice especially when he sings jazz. This fact abt how he treated women just so he could get fed, made me lose respect on him. I was shocked with the facts tho I still admire him as a singer. He's special. Unique voice which I love and it has nothing to do with his personal life.
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