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Friday, September 14, 2018

Eminem Drops MGK Diss 'Killshot'

Eminem has released his response to MGK’s “Rap Devil” with his own on record decimation, “Kill Shot.” The four-minute record takes aim at several lines spit by MGK, including the line that calling out Em for not visiting his hometown.

Although Eminem makes a point to show love to Diddy at the end of the track saying, “Oh, and I’m just playin’, Diddy. You know I love you,” some Hip-Hop fans didn’t take too kindly towards the Tupac line.

Eminem Is About To Give It All He Got Again

MGK set the rap world ablaze when he dropped his diss record, “Rap Devil”, in response to Eminem’s initial diss “calling Eminem washed up with misplaced anger and also accused the Detroit veteran of blackballing him in the industry over a tweet in 2012 about his daughter.

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