Friday, August 10, 2018

Entertainers Of The Year

Its all hands down when it comes to BK Irons and Terry Watson. After doing research on the two, they seem to be evenly matched when it comes to having fame and resources. Terry, the youngest brother of Gansta Marcus was born destined for fame, while BK tapped his finger into a source that is hard to recon with.

Top 5 Lima Ohio Music Videos

The Wrap-Up Magazine has been aiming at a Awards Showcase for the City of Lima, Ohio. The acknowledgement of two hard working young men has been due.

Terry Watson, a Lima celebrity doing parades, dances, and much more is due to be the greatest in the long run. He has been named the riches man in Lima.

BK Irons always told jokes, but no-one knew he would step out in the forefront like he did! A dramatic impact caused a scene bigger than you could imagine.

With BK Irons being lead comedian and Terry Watson taking center stage, this is the biggest of all competitions to look for in Lima.

Congrads to the two.

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