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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Boys and Girls Idol Talent Competition @BGConOxygen @BGCA_Clubs

The Boys & Girls Club Idol, Season 10! BGC Idol annual competition and musical performances was created to inspire passion and encourage greatness. BGC Idol has the respect and admiration from surrounding communities, other non-profits, the business community and youth who wish to aim high and expect greatness for their futures.

BGC Idol gives our youth the opportunity to do what they have a passion for – to sing and perform. Their vision is to empower future generations of talented children ages 10 to 18 in their quest for artistic fulfillment.

BGC Idol is a collaborative project with a Production Team made up of business leaders, energetic professionals, media entertainment producers, community leaders and dedicated people from the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County, Rotary Club of Old Town Temecula, and in association with Omni Entertainment.

All of the people on the team along with the many volunteers provide their talents and resources to help make BGC Idol an extraordinary experience for our participants, their families, our supporters and audiences. The proceeds from BGC Idol will support the children and families served by the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County.


Audition Outline and Rules

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