Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Top 5 Lima Ohio Music Videos

There is a buzz going across the City of Lima of who is the best artist to represent the city. So The Wrap-Up Magazine has zeroed down the Top 5 best music videos. (This Is Not The Best Rappers List).

To kick things off correct, I have to pay tribute to one of the most loved videos to date. Maj Strap/Respect Me (Music Video). I enjoyed this video because of how entertaining the artist was. It show the creativity the artist put forth.

Right around the corner with the second video, I would have to hit you with Scant and Meech in Doin Me. This video was a great anthem to two artist beginning to make a name for themselves. It shows the lifestyle in which they represent.

Next off, I'll have to hit you with RnB sensation Cee Major with Hot Line Bling. Almost seems as if this song was made for him to do, for sure he did it better than Drake himself. This video really set forth the landmark on why this city is full of talent.

Soop Montana Ft B Smoove - Getting To The Money was a video that hit everyone out of nowhere. With comedian BK Iron kicking things off, this video helps to set the tone on the future of what's to come.

Of course everyone knows that Pac Man is a artist who won't quit coming. Pac Man Simp Ft Bobby Ave - I'm So Me Video was his takeoff to help set his legacy in the music business.

How do you think we did putting together this list of Lima, Ohio artist? We want to hear your 2 cents on this also. Leave a comment below!

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