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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

GORGEOUS GEORGE Releases "Watermelon JollyRancher" @CallMeYungNino

Can a man known as the Pimp God have a girlfriend? No, not really. But can the pimp god also known as Gorgeous George treat a lady so good she that she feels like a girlfriend? According to the new single from the Houston native, the answer would be abso-freakin-lutely! Check the technique in between the baller talk on his latest joint, his hot new single “Watermellon JollyRancher.”

From starting his first label, 502 Recordz, to the now ignited firestorm that is NuMoney Recordz. Established in 2005, with a new focus and direction, a label that incorporated both Hip Hop and R&B. From the birth of “SMOK” and then the “BLOCK BOYZ” emerged Yung Nino aka Major Money/Gorgeous George The Pimp God/GGPG.

His first single “I Get It In” under the moniker “Major Money”, did well in the independent charts, as well as his third release “All About The Money”, which charted at number 3 and 10.

While working with rap legends Bun­B and Willie­D on the video “I Get It In” directed by Dr. Teeth the highly promoted video, 100K, Gorgeous George/GGPG has had the internet on its edge. Gorgeous George has truly come full circle. He recently finished up yet another national tour with Scarface. Word has it that GGPG is currently in negotiations with several major labels.

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