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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fontane - You The Type @fontanearo @arorecords #MixshowReady

Fontane also known as Swaggie, is exploding with ambition and overflowing with talent, ready to make his mark bringing a fresh, new, unique and edgy sound to the music industry. Born in the Midwest, in the state of Iowa to be exact, Dre “Fontane” Jackson has a musical style and lyrical abilities that has been influenced by family, harsh upbringing, street life, getting money, and mainly underground hip hop artists.

The youngest of seven, Fontane’s father and mother found themselves on the other side of the law both incarcerated with charges of organized crime. Dubbed the king pin and queen pin of urban Iowa, Fontane’s childhood was rough. With no parents in the home and in the shadows of his their criminal reputation; Fontane was constantly a target of harassment by local law enforcement.

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