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Thursday, April 19, 2018

What Is Cloutform? @CloutForm

There are many flaws to the current music industry business model. From non existent streaming royalties, Finding management To help you stay organized, to securing legitimate promotion for your music, are all common problems faced by today's musicians. To fix these problems and many more, The CloutForm App, the brainchild of social media marketing guru Roy Robin, was created.

The basic concept of the app is simple, to create the first ever social media search engine. An organized, simple to navigate directory of all public social media information. From President Obama to Blac Youngsta to Beyonce - any celebrity with a public social media feed will have an auto generated profile. 

If our users, who we refer to as Clouters, search for Beyonce, what they see is a profile that shows them ALL of Beyonce's most popular social media feeds on one page. The user can than follow her page and stay up to date with all of Beyonce's content in ONE location. Imagine the power of Beyonce's fans only needing to follow ONE page and in doing so can see Her Instagram Feed, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and Website all at once.

Because Clouters can develop a unique CloutForm following, it now creates a one of a kind opportunity for Influencers. Whether you are interested in promoting yourself on a major celebrity page or setting up your account to receive a monthly check, CloutForm is for you. For more details on the Project visit our website at or watch the video below.

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