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Monday, April 2, 2018

How To Paint Your House

Refresh your home's exterior for spring with a new paint job. With the cost to paint a house’s exterior averaging about $2,500 nationally, homeowners longing for a new look may be considering their DIY options.

You don’t need to be particularly handy to make your home’s exterior look like new. All you need is some spare time between now and summer. You can wash your house in a day, prep it in a weekend, and finish giving it a dazzling makeover over the course of a few weeks.

If you aren't already washing your siding once a year, now is the time to start. This will remove any mold and mildew, expose any potential problems and get the surface ready for prep work and painting.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home’s exterior, use the next weekend to prepare it for a paint job. On Saturday, sand, fill and weatherproof the surfaces. On Sunday, cover any stains with primer.

Week 1: Upgrade the front door casing
Once you’ve found the perfect style, take measurements and plan out the placement on paper before purchasing and cutting the lumber.

If feasible, purchase rot-resistant PVC trim. Pressure-treated wood is cheaper but must be preserved, dried and primed before installation.

To remove the old casing, cut through the caulk with a utility knife and carefully remove casing with a pry bar.

Cut the new casing to size, letting it sit flush against the bottom.

Week 2: Paint the siding
This can be done in the afternoon or evening, so tackle the job in sections. Shake and stir the paint before you begin for even coverage.

Cover any light fixtures, doorbells, and windows where you intend to paint, and use an angled brush to paint along edges without making a mess. Use a roller to fill in the broad areas, working from top to bottom.

Paint the trim last, wiping up any stray spatters with a damp rag.

Week 3: Apply a second coat
Sand out any paint drips or debris.

Paint the siding and trim another coat.

Week 4: Tackle the details
Paint the front door the color of your dreams.

Add shutters, if you like.

Upgrade and add extras: new crown molding for the porch, a doorbell, a new house number, door handles, and light fixtures.

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