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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Blakface - Heroin

Sincere & Logik are Blakface, presenting the music video for "Heroin". This is a single from Bamboozled, their new album featuring Planet Asia, Illa J, Poetik Force & Oh. The track was directed by Poetik Force and produced by Eclectic.

When asked about the inspiration behind their release, they said, 

"The song is about the war on drugs in America and how it's not only affecting our community but how it directly effects our family. One day Eclectic came by the studio and before he played me the beat, Eclectic told me he was watching a movie called Sugar Hill and in a particular scene they show the main actors father dying of a drug overdose so he wanted to make something to match, as if we were redoing the score of the movie. So we just built on that scenario, put into words and try to give people an understanding of our reality."

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