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Monday, December 18, 2017

Nicki Minaj Goes After Iggy Azalea

The baddest chick in the game have something to say about White Hip-Hop. Nicki Minaj had a lot to say about her future plans on the industry this past weekend. She proceeds on to post three additional posts, adding a line to the caption for each.

Fans responded to the post insisting the “No Frauds” artist take down the post, and Minaj responded to her fans declaring she will not take the post down!

She went from showcasing the list, acknowledging the ranks of Eminem‘s “River” and Post Malone‘s “rockstar” along with her hit with Migos and Cardi B “MotorSport,” to stating she is actually interested in signing a white rapper to her new label and immediately dismissed anyone who was not fond of her aspiring plans.

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Post Malone found his way to Minaj’s post and cosigned the message with a like and follow.
Minutes later she published another post, this time, it was a video of a J. Cole interview where he speaks about the dominant presence of white rappers in hip-hop and puts it in contrast with the current dominant presence of white jazz musicians in jazz music, noting that both musical genres are originally black art forms. Minaj, speaking in the third person but under her birth name, Onika, is pretty adamant about her music industry business expertise and owns no expectation for it to be questioned nor dishonored especially as a black woman.
MMG’s Wale cosgined with Minaj’s exposure of the potent white presence in hip-hop by sharing her post of J. Cole’s interview saying, “[I] see no lies..white artist songs are instantly “pop” songs and not urban. Miguel got to be “urban” Sam Smith can be “pop” wit the same exact song..nobody wanna say it tho because of the backlash.. The white artist know it too..they won’t disagree”
The two posts are certainly pieces to the puzzle of the Pink Friday rapper’s future plans for the music industry, as she revealed. There is a chance Minaj is on a mission to become a dominant force as a black woman in the upper echelon controls of the music industry, in order to maneuver the genre back in the hands of those who define the culture.

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