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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Michael Jackson Kids Share Photo For Christmas

Michael Jackson‘s three kids — Paris Jackson, 19, Blanket Jackson, 15, and Prince Jackson, 20 — came together on Monday to celebrate Christmas.

The siblings posed alongside family friend Omer Bhatti in a rare family photo shared to Paris’ Instagram account for the holidays. “Happy christmas from ours to yours,” the model and actress wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag “#brahdas.”

Blanket, who now goes by B.G. or Bigi, has been seen in public or in photographs just a handful of times since his late father’s funeral in 2009.

A photo of him was last shared by grandfather Joe Jackson in November, weeks after news broke that grandmother Katherine Jackson — who has served as B.G.’s legal guardian alongside his cousin T.J. — was reportedly in the process of dissolving her custodianship.

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According to documents obtained by TMZ, Katherine, 87, cites her advancing age as well as B.G.’s entry into adolescence as factors in her decision. T.J. will reportedly remain his sole guardian until B.G.’s 18th birthday.

In an interview with the Today show in late October, Prince gushed about their bond. “Me and my siblings get along really well — especially my sister,” Prince told Today‘s Natalie Morales. “She’s grown so much and she’s been able to really step up. I don’t really see myself as her older brother. We’re equal partners when it comes down to it. B.G. is just so mature for his age. It’s a pretty strong bond.”

The three collaborated over Halloween to design mazes and a haunted house for the second annual Costume for a Cause event. “It’s something that’s bred into us, to really give back to the community,’ Prince explained. “My dad always taught me to lead by example, so I hope I can set a good example that you can have fun by helping other people and you can make a change just by doing that.”

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