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Monday, December 11, 2017

Female Artist Merges Out

Jackson, Mississippi need to stand up for their female rapper Bucket. She been putting on with her own style of music you can relate too. Bucket likes to make music about what she has been through. Her video "Why Me" was about her being weak and giving up into the temptation of the devil.

"All my music is heartfelt! The reason why I️ started rapping was to basically speak for people who are depressed, people who have and who is battling drug addiction. In my life, that's something I️ have been battling with for years".

"I️ have dealt with having insecure thoughts of killing myself, being depressed all the time, worried about what people thought about me, and such. I️ want to motivate others and let them know that it’s ok to just be yourself in life".

"There was a point in my life where I️ didn’t know what I️ wanted to do with my life. What was my purpose? I️ didn’t even know if rapping was for me. I️t was all God that kept me focused and kept me pushing to do better".

If you will like to contact "Bucket" then hit her email:

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(Click Here) To watch Bucket's recent release on T.W.U.MBucket - Why Me

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