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Friday, November 17, 2017

Worms Found In Mans Stomach

Why would a whole country would even want to live like this? Doctors discovered an "enormous number" of parasitic worms slithering inside the body of a man who defected from North Korea. The man was shot at least five times by his former comrades as he made his escape.

Now this is when the story got good and the whole mood changed! South Korean doctors said the defector was in stable condition after surgery for his gunshot wounds. But physicians identified another reason for alarm: an “enormous number” of parasitic worms that are complicating his recovery.
Doctors said they discovered corn kernels in the man's stomach leading them to believe the worm's may be related to the hygiene and food problems. Parasites can get into humans through contaminated food or “being bitten by an insect or by the parasite entering through the skin.”

"North Korea is a very poor country and like any other poor country it has serious health problems."

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