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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

George Clinton Talks Donald Trump

CNN caught up with funk legend George Clinton during a recent show at BB King Blues Club in New York City, and picked his brain about everything from his legacy with Parliament and Funkadelic, to his take on Donald Trump's presidency.

The 75-year-old "godfather of funk" recalled the impact P-Funk made on the world but was sure to avoid pivoting from a time capsule, as he spoke in the present, saying, "We're here. We ain't going nowhere. We are a movement," in spite of the group's half a century long history in the music business. It is an assertion that Parliament fans can expound upon, beyond the fact that the band continues to perform in its present incarnation. True fans of hip-hop would concur, in having heard samples from Clinton's past woven into some of the genre's most prolific songs, whether they knew what they were listening to at the moment or not.

It is in bringing the party together, regardless of culture or creed that Clinton's music is often cited for, and he touched on how they bore the intention to convey that message with the classic "One Nation," saying, "That's the holy grail of the funk. It's ... our anthem and that binding force." And it is Clinton's absolute faith that the music actually facilitates unity, that prompts him to direct anyone searching for answers right back to the funk, as was the case when the CNN reporter inquired about whether he had any thoughts on Donald Trump's first 100 days in office.

"Ain't no funk in the Trump," said Clinton. "You can't be that against everything and everybody and be funky -- that's hard to do. He needs to go to a good funk concert a few times. He'd probably change his mind about a lot of things. I'm going to send him a copy of 'One Nation Under a Groove' -- maybe that'll help."

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