Friday, January 27, 2017

The Woman Known For Racist Social Media Posts

The hiring of former field organizer Teresa UnRue was officially announced through an email that acting Secretary Phil Rosenfelt dispensed to Education Department employees this week. UnRue was blasted in the media over the summer when a series of offensive Facebook posts were exposed by the media.

Back in June, UnRue shared a post that read "We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control." Two months later she circulated a meme that poked fun at Mexicans for their accent. They were among several Facebook postings that reflected an insensitivity towards minority voters. Included among them was a viral video of an African-American man eating chicken while mocking his own race for a number of children they have and for still lamenting over slavery. "Had me crack'n up!! Thank you! Please share this with people," UnRue captioned.

The Huffington Post unveiled that it had traced back to discover posts that were hostile towards Barack Obama during his presidency. One such message accused the former President of treason and called him a "terrorist." At the time, the promotion of such propaganda was not uncommon for the Tea Party types who would eventually comprise Trump's base. However, now that he has taken an oath to serve all Americans while occupying the nation's highest office, his continued association with, much less his appointment of such divisive figures to his cabinet, may present a challenge to his reputation going forward.

The memo which names UnRue a new member of the administration does not specify what her job would be in the department.

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