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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Why 2Pac Should Be In Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

This had been a debated decision all over the globe. Tupac Shakur has been inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Tupac "2Pac" Shakur will be officially inducted in April 2017 as part of the incoming class of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As far as his music, his lyrics was not the same as the hip-hop you get today. Twenty years after his death following a drive-by shooting, Tupac's influence is nearly as great as it was in life. Hundreds of posthumous recordings have been released, and he's shaped a generation of rappers who came after him.

Tupac pioneered hip hop’s celebration of rags-to-riches success, its poetic lyricism and its political undercurrents, selling more than 75 million albums worldwide in the process.

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