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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trey Songz Arrested

Trey was among the performers for the "Big Show at the Joe" concert at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, which also featured performances from Chris Brown, Desiigner, Lil Yachty, and more.  The 32-year-old R&B singer reportedly became irate and started throwing microphones and other pieces of equipment after his mic was cut off during his set when he went over his allotted performance time.

In a video recorded during the show, Songz can be seen talking about them telling him they're going to cut his mic off if he didn't wrap up his performance.  He then let the audience know that he was going to go "crazy" if that happened.

"If they cut me off, remember it and text whoever you want to and tweet whoever you want to and tell everybody about it," he said. "Because a n-gga cut me off, I’m going the f--k crazy."

According to Fox 2 Detroit, police officers rushed the stage in an attempt to calm Songz down after they saw him throwing the equipment.  During the chaos, however, a Detroit Police sergeant was hit in the head with a microphone that was allegedly thrown by Trey.  The sergeant suffered a concussion and Songz was placed under arrest.  He was charged with malicious destruction of property and resisting and obstructing arrest.


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