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Thursday, May 4, 2017

You Can Become Our Next Model

"The Wrap-Up Magazine" would like to welcome all models from around the world to submit their photos for features on the site. We are designed to helping un-seen entertainment get noticed. "The Wrap-Up Magazine" is a highly regarded model agency and an ideal place to kick start your modelling career, models of all ages required now.

Do you have what it takes to be featured at "The Wrap-Up Magazine"? If so, then submit your photos today for your chance to e featured. All models who submit will be placed into our archives of fine women, but only a selected few will been noticed on the main page.

Please have your publicist or representatives contact us if need be at 419-913-3445. Not only will featured models be featured on our website, but they will have the chance to be noticed on over 50 websites for models and musicians.

Here at "The Wrap-Up Magazine", we believe in doing the work, while your taking the photos. Lets us be one of the websites that gives you email blast and post to various sites. With the cheapest prices on the internet, i'm sure we can help find the right modeling home for you.

The prices below are listed as you feel fit. How far do you wanna go with your talent? Our $14.99 package gives you a start off. Place on the front page, 20 blogs, twitter re-tweets, facebook pages, and 100 email blast. Our featured prices takes you to another level. For 29.99, the package includes placement on main page, 50 blogs, twitter re-tweets, facebook pages, and 300 email blast. So make sure you pick the best option for you.

Model Submissions
Model Submissions

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