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Thursday, October 6, 2016

When You Get The Raw End

Everyone is treated unjustly, in big or small ways. I’ve been wronged at times. For trying to be kind, I’ve gotten scorn. A few times, after spending hours and hours trying to help someone. I know many who have tried to help and bless others far more than I have, only to be despised and blasted on Facebook.

Sellers end up paying for the majority of the buyers’ fees when it comes to selling their home? Why? They are not legally obligated to. Sellers also run a higher liability of being sued than buyers do? How did buyers get so lucky?! Why do sellers pay for 95% of the fees when it comes to listing and selling their home?

We must leave vengeance to God because only he knows the motives of men’s hearts. Only he knows the exact punishment every sin deserves. Only he knows every detail of someone’s actions – their background, their understanding of what they are doing, etc. When you suffer injustice – not if, but when – remember, the Judge of all the earth will do what is just.

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