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Saturday, October 29, 2016

President Obama Discusses His Favorite Rappers

Throughout his time in office, while working on serious strategies to help the United States continue to move forward, President Obama has also managed to keep his finger on the pulse of pop culture. Ranging from sports knowledge to music knowledge, Obama always seems to have pretty great taste.

Before his presidency officially comes to a close, President Obama has been taking the opportunity to do a few more interviews lately. During his latest one, Obama speaks with the hosts of Sway in the Morning over the phone to discuss sports, music, and politics. After naming his NBA Championship and Superbowl predictions, Obama began to discuss his favorite rappers.

When Sway asked President Obama who his favorite rappers today are (2:05 mark), he emphasized the younger generation is in great hands. "I think the young guys, Kendrick [Lamar] and Chance [the Rapper] are doing amazing work," he said. "I love Drake, and the girls love Drake, so he's commercially just doing great."

Obama also mentioned Jay Z and Kanye West, explaining that the two obviously have great track records with music. However, he reiterated that Kendrick and Chance are not just great people making great music but that he also believes they're breaking new ground.

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