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Friday, September 16, 2016

Master P Talks Lil Wayne And Birdman

Master P said his piece on the Cash Money Records feud between Lil Wayne and Birdman on Thursday [September 15]. The No Limit boss hooked up with Hip Hop DX to give an exclusive on financial literacy, and host Justin Hunte figured it appropriate to discuss their quarrel as it relates to the topic. "You know, maybe this thing needs to go to somebody, that can kind of like, let them know, like 'Man what is y'all fighting over dawg? you know, yall did this together," he said in regards to news that fellow mogul, James Prince, has interjected himself into long-standing beef. Ultimately though, it will be up to Bird and Wayne himself to resolve the matter, P said, which will take them putting business aside and reconnecting on a personal tip.

"If somebody's in it with the love, they're going to work it out with you, but now it's just about money. That goes to show you it never really was about love. And I think that's the problem they're starting to see," said P, suggesting that their relationship fell apart in the first place because their bond was not built on loyalty to one another. He would elaborate by sharing his own personal experience of having maintained the same committed circle since the very beginning of his venture into the game, while rooting out those who might have had ulterior motives. As is the case with any relationship P said, your union with a partner can't be based on the material. "I think that's what you're experiencing now. That you know, you thought it was love, but you're starting to see that it was just about money."

Master P predicted that the former confidants will work out their woes. He spoke at length about how his experience coming up from the bottom and an instilled confidence in his knowledge and direction, gives him the courage to not only continue pursing success, but to be able to rebound when things fall apart. While Wayne's prolific lyricism certainly affords him a gift that he can build prosperity off of through any given hardship, capitalizing on it will depend, as it did for the man born Percy Miller, on the team around you and being flexible and open to losing, he implied through the interview. Fans will recall that Weezy almost folded to the stress of his conflict with his CEO. Those who've continued to follow the saga now observe to see whether the situation can be helped along by the involvement of Prince.

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