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Sunday, September 4, 2016

50 Cent Talks Amber Rose

50 Cent is not mad at all that Amber Rose would bring his name up during her late-night VH1 show, especially while plugging his wildly successful "Power" television series, even if it is to tell a fabricated story. That much he said during a recent visit to Big Boy's Neighborhood while setting the record straight that the brief conversation she claimed he had started with her, about getting the Muva maven on the Starz show, never happened.

"Look, Amber's show I think is interesting," 50 responded when asked about the alleged encounter. "She says some wild stuff on there. You know, like when she talked about me communicating with her about the project... I never talked to her."

During last week's airing of The Amber Rose Show, Amber spoke about bumping into 50 Cent and having been made a random proposition. According to Rose, 50 asked her to get on board with his production but only gave her 60 seconds to make a decision. She went on to put her dilemma out to the audience, reminding them how difficult it would be to simply commit to something so time-consuming when you've got a child. 50, whom it is reported, recently promised Chris Brown a role on the show doesn't recall ever affording her the same opportunity but said that he is glad she incorporated a bit of the show's buzz on her platform.

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