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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kanye West Surpasses Michael Jackson

West is now one hit away from meeting Marvin Gaye's 41 mark and is within five hits of surpassing Chris Brown (42) and James Brown (44) to meet Jay Z at 45 Top 40 hits. He'd need six more hits to become one of the top five all-time Top 40 hit makers. As it stands, Elvis Presley leads the field with 80 all-time Top 40 hits and is followed by Lil Wayne (69), Elton John (57), Drake (53), and Stevie Wonder (46).

Kanye West made Billboard music history this past week, as he moved past Michael Jackson into the all-time top ten list of artists with the most Top 40 hits. Both Jackson and Frankie Valli had anchored the list with 39, before this week's numbers determined that ScHoolboy Q's West assisted "THat Part" had elevated to 40th from the 42nd position on the Top 100 chart. With the achievement, West joins partner/boss Jay Z and top-5 all-timers Drake and Lil Wayne as the fourth Hip Hop artist on the list.

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