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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

50 Cent Talks Justin Bieber

"He's going through those phases growing up. It's like Michael Jackson issues," 50 told Sharon Osbourne and co-hosts Sheryl Underwood, Sarah Gilbert, Aisha Taylor and guest host Thomas Lennon. "Everybody gets a little tougher when I'm around." What 50 was alluding to was how much fun Bieber seemed to be having as he went about spraying champagne on the crowd.

Justin Bieber came up as a topic of conversation during Tuesday's episode of "The Talk" [August 2], and along with mention of the mega pop star came a comparison to the King of Pop. With 50 Cent stopping in as the show's guest, reference was made to Justin's behavior while attending a recent party hosted by the "Power" producer; behavior which Fif likened to that of MJ himself.

Bieber has resurfaced on Hip Hop's radar over the past week with him showing up Taylor Swift while face timing with Kanye West early Tuesday. The Instagram photo he posted of this time with Ye would draw 150k comments by the day's end.

Bieber's rock star attitude was scrutinized earlier in the year when he made it known that he would no longer sign autographs or take random selfies with fans in public. Those conditions would allegedly lead to his confrontation with a fan whose request for a signature he'd reject and would up exchanging blows with in Cleveland in early June.

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