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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Watch For Snakes

Now and day's, you have to watch the friend your hanging with. I like to call most of them snakes in the grass. Friendship is a lot like falling in love. You meet someone. You find that you two have the same interests (“You like coffee? No way! Me too!”) and you hit it off from there.

What we seem to forget along the way is that friendship is based on give and take. You do something, and the other returns the sentiment. Not out of obligation, but because there’s a mutual understanding, a shared confidence that you’ll do anything for each other. It’s a wonderful feeling, that sense of security, support, and structure.

What happens when the give and take stops and suddenly it’s just take take take? When the support caves in and the structure begins to feel more like shackles? That is a friendship that’s not worth the effort. To put it simply, you’ve got a fake friend on your hands. Everyone has come across a fake friend at some point in their lives.

1. They make you feel guilty for not hanging out with them. 2. They constantly make promises they can never keep. 3. They expect you to drop everything so you can cater to their needs. 4. They always puff up their own importance. 5. They mock you and compliment you at the same time because…passive-aggressive. 6. They gossip endlessly about others. 7. They only see you as a means to an end.

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