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Monday, December 7, 2015

What If 2 Chainz Paid Your Rent

How nice is this? 2 Chainz surprised one family with a year's worth of rent paid and brand new furniture through his Tru Foundation. Saturday, the rapper visited the home of a single mother and disabled veteran, Dierdre Plater and said that he decided to use the funds from his Dabbing Santa sweater line to help them during this holiday season.

"Every season I try to give back. I've been selling theses really cool sweaters with Santa Claus doing the dab." He revealed, "What it is, a lot of the proceed I feel should go to a family in need and it's not that y'all can't get it out the mud and do it yourself, because I was raised by a single parent mama, I'm just here to help jump start it."

The rap star then went on to gift her, "So today, I would like to offer to pay your rent for a year and I would also like to put a bedroom in there where you[re] at so you can have a bed to lay on and some furniture in here so we can get this chair out the way," he joked. What do you think about 2 Chainz giving back?

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