Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Happened To Our Youth

People say they can't find jobs, but here at "The Wrap-Up Magazine" think thats a lie. Our "Youth" don't belive in working. Conservative Republicans have officially made it their mission to end food stamps as we know them. Is the economy to blame? Or are personal choices at fault?

If you're a liberal, your answer is probably pretty cut and dry, and these days likely involves the word "recession." Unemployment among middle class families rises and falls with the health of the job market, poverty is shaped and fueled mostly by cultural forces, that the poor could work if they wanted.

I've noticed for a long time now that young people in the U.S. just don't care about working, but tell me how are they to earn a living? In 2007, for instance, 6.4 percent of adults who lived under the poverty line and didn't work in the past year said it was because they couldn't find a job. As of 2012, the figure had more than doubled to a still-small 13.5 percent.

In my city, I try to teach the young what to do. How to get a job, and to keep it. If it aint about progress, then it aint about nothing. We try to give them jobs, even if its only $40 a day doing little odds and ends around my house. Support us more by purchasing music from the link below. In return, we pledge to do something usefull with the money like creating businesses and investing into our youth.

I have employed several "young people" to work for me and have been thrilled with the work they have done. I was always taught at a very young age that to get it before its too late.

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